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Maruzen Athena Ink advertising blotters, 1955

These are reproductions of 1955 ad blotters for Maruzen’s in-house “Athena” ink. They were made for Maruzen’s 2nd World Fountain Pen Fair in March 2011.

Got a set recently from Maruzen in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.


Wearever flattop – 1930s

The pen featured in my last post, but cleaned up and with new sac and J-bar installed.

Wearever flattop

I couldn’t find a replacement nib so I left the original in.

It’s a very wet writer. I did bend the nib down closer to the feed, and reset nib and feed with hot water but the base metal (I suspect copper) is too malleable and is already bending away from the feed despite my best attempts to write lightly. The spoon tip digs into the paper on some upstrokes too, which is annoying.

Evangelion 1:0 – You Are (Not) Alone


At last my arm is complete again!

I enjoyed the new animation in the Evangelion movie — Evangelion 1:0 – You Are (Not) Alone — and let myself indulge in a bit of nostalgia for those memories of when I first watched the original Evangelion series. And I was glad to have the chance to introduce a seminal anime work to the Other Half.

As I recall them, many scenes from the original series were kept – seeing Eva-01’s launch sequence again nearly brought tears to my eyes – but the movie is mostly new animation, particularly after Ramiel turns up.

Of the Angels, Ramiel was one of the most boring (pun intended), being a large floating blue octahedron. As an example of what computer technology had enabled since 1994, Ramiel is now constantly changes forms when firing its Beam o’ Glowy Death(TM). In addition, the old mechanical drill bit from the series has been replaced by a swirling corkscrew that morphs from Ramiel’s bottom apex.

The new movie animation looks better, but then again I’ve only seen the original TV series with its washed-out look so Anno etc could’ve reused Renewal footage for all I know :p

But the whole movie looks consistently new. Contrast with the visually jarring mix of old (1984-6) and new (2005-6) animation in the Zeta Gundam: A New Translation movies.

(Incidentally why didn’t those come here? Bandai/Sunrise wanted too much money for screening fees?)

Some deliberate discrepancies mysteries:

– The numbering of the Angels has changed. Sachiel, the first angel to appear in the series, is the 3rd Angel, but in the movie he’s identified as the 4th.

– Lilith is wearing a mask like Sachiel’s face in the movie, but in the series she has one with seven eyes on it.

– The entire moon sequence at the end of the movie. There’s another Lilith-like being?!?

Was hoping to watch the trailer for the second movie at the end, and was disappointed that the preview seems to have been cut from the prints at both the Cathay and at Cineleisure. Odd.

Thankfully, the Net provides. Watch the trailer here. (More mysteries!)

The movie brochure didn’t make it here either. None of the merchandise did. As expected :/

(earlier post on Evangelion 1:0)

Lobby Cards – the Leonard Schrader Collection

From the homepage:

The Collection consists of 8,462 vintage lobby-cards and 5,000 related items – many the sole surviving traces of long-lost silent films – acquired by late screenwriter/filmmaker Leonard Schrader over the course of 27 years. While Schrader preserved his collection with painstaking care in hundreds of 13×15 photographer’s albums – or “binders” – mysteriously he left no written inventory or index of this vast archive’s contents.

Vanity Fair has a slideshow comprising 36 cards from his collection.