Sheaffer PFM III, black, 1959-1968

Sheaffer’s PFM (“Pen for Men”) remains instantly recognisable decades after its launch in 1959, and there’s nothing much I can add to the comprehensive writeups by Jim Mamoulides ( and Richard Binder. It’s a pity that Sheaffer hasn’t been able to come up with anything as aesthetically pleasing and bold since.

I find the PFM comfortable to hold, as it’s a fat and deceptively light pen. The PFM’s inlaid nib is stiff, but more responsive and pleasant than that bland nail on the Legacy, the current incarnation of the PFM. The Broad nib on the PFM (featured left) is especially nice, and goes well with Sailor Ultramarine ink.

Montblanc 146, green-striated, 1949-60


Got my grail pen recently — a Montblanc 146 green-striated! (produced 1949-1960).  

Cosmetically the pen isn’t excellent. The green has faded a bit and the celluloid has ambered much.

But it was priced appropriately and, having passed through Tom Westerich’s hands before reaching me, works and writes properly. All the parts are accurate for the pen, and it’s a pleasure to write with 🙂