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Sheaffer PFM III, black, 1959-1968

Sheaffer’s PFM (“Pen for Men”) remains instantly recognisable decades after its launch in 1959, and there’s nothing much I can add to the comprehensive writeups by Jim Mamoulides (PenHero.com) and Richard Binder. It’s a pity that Sheaffer hasn’t been able to come up with anything as aesthetically pleasing and bold since.

I find the PFM comfortable to hold, as it’s a fat and deceptively light pen. The PFM’s inlaid nib is stiff, but more responsive and pleasant than that bland nail on the Legacy, the current incarnation of the PFM. The Broad nib on the PFM (featured left) is especially nice, and goes well with Sailor Ultramarine ink.

Sheaffer Imperial – Cadmium Yellow BP

Dating between 1995 and 1998, cadmium yellow is a hard-to-find color for Triumph Imperials, and also attractive at the same time.

I’m usually not interested in ballpoint pens, but this was especially cute 🙂 Was lucky to find the pen in perfect working order too, with an original Sheaffer refill inside, and with virtually no wear except for a little brassing on the side of the clip.

Pen purchases from DC Supershow

Finally got round to taking a group pic 🙂

From L to R –
1: Parker Duofold Senior, Mandarin… replica 🙂 By Chris Thompson
2 and 3: Bexley Poseidons
4: Waterman Charleston, Ivory. Recently discontinued :/
5. Sheaffer NoNonsense Old Timer
6. Sheaffer Lady Skripsert I
7. Esterbrook A101

There’re 2 pens missing — a Wahl Coronet (on its way back to me from Syd Saperstein aka “Wahlnut” on FPN) and a Wahl Oxford I’ve dissassembled for repairs. It’s waiting for a silicone sac and some MEK (if I can find any here :p)

Sheaffer Sentinel, made by Sailor Japan

An interesting pen for Sheaffer fans. Japanese pen giant Sailor made the Sentinel for Sheaffer in the 1980s.

The steel F-4 nib is a dead giveaway, and the sizing follows the Japanese. So while the nib has an “M” on it, it looks more like a Western F or XF.

When I first got it I didn’t notice the engraving on the cap: “AUPE BEST PERFORMANCE BR”.

What’s the AUPE? My guess is that it’s the Amalgamated Union of Public Employees. Ah, irony :p

Ladies with their tops off…

… showing their nibs 🙂

First, our pens with the caps on:

From the top:
1) Lady Sheaffer Flamme, 1970s
2) Lady Sheaffer (finish resembles hammered metal), 1970s
3) Lady Sheaffer Skripsert VI, Paisley, circa 1959
4) Lady Sheaffer Skripsert X, Tulle, circa 1959
5) Lady Sheaffer Skripsert IV, Paisley, circa 1959

And… what you’ve been waiting for:

From L to R:
1) Palladium Silver, Italic(!)
2) 14K nib, Med. (Indicates later production run?)
3) Monotone steel nib, Med
4) Duo-tone steel nib, Med
5) similar to #3, but a F/XF?

More links —
1959 Lady Sheaffer Skripsert catalog (thanks to Pendemonium!)
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Sheaffer 444

We found this Sheaffer 444 in a second-hand goods shop. The barrel was stuck, but the finish was near mint. Not a scratch and stickered too (although the lettering had faded). The section had some scuffing from the inside of the cap but nothing bad.

After a long soak and some work with section pliers, I was able to finally unscrew the barrel. My suspicions were confirmed:

Somehow, the ink cartridge had leaked into the inside of the barrel, and the result was a rusty, gummy mess.

Anyway, managed to clean up the insides as best as I could and managed to sell the pen. A happy ending for all concerned 🙂

Sheaffer Craftsman lever-filler: 1947-1949

#33 nib, “350” under the imprint: yep, it’s a Sheaffer Craftsman. Lever-filler so made sometime between 1947-1949.

Barrel and cap and scratched and nicked, but someone polished them and the damage doesn’t look that bad. Legible imprint. Clear visulated section. The plated furniture gleams against the deep Persian blue. Still looks good!

The #33 nib’s a Medium, but unfortunately all the tipping seems to be gone. Writing with it is like writing with a nail. Generous ink flow though.

The seller’s offered to replace the nib with another #33 with tipping, when I drop by his table at the NY/NJ pen show 🙂


Me and the Other Half like the shape and colours of these Sheaffers, though the size is a bit small. The pen is pleasant to touch with its very slight rubber-like texture. And the heart-shaped breather hole makes the nib look even cuter ^_^

The Other Half has two already — one Pastel Grey Tip-Dip Craftsman (I think that’s the right model) and a Pastel Green Admiral lever-filler with Feather Touch nib.