“Through a dirty pane of glass” – the Brothers Quay

From an interview transcript on Senses of Cinema:

Their films in recent years have confused the boundaries between live action and animation and it seems that it is in this direction that the Quay Brothers have chosen to pursue their experiments. Aside from their films, the Quays have produced video clips, stage décors, advertisements, and dance videos. This multifaceted mode of expression can only in part explain their success. This success ultimately rests on the elusive power of their films, which have elicited the curiosity and admiration of animation directors, film students, visual artists, literary scholars, philosophers. It seems that all their films address a certain ‘plurality of margins’, precisely because they resist all forms of distinct classifications. They are, in other words, invitations for an intense journey, a walk through an unpolished looking-glass.

Watch them on YouTube before lawyers send nasty cease-and-desist letters and get them all taken off:

The Epic of Gilgamesh (1985)

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Evil looks better? Go figure.

Have been getting up to date with the latest releases from Kaiyodo’s Revoltech line of poseable action figures. Got my eye on the EVAs: Unit 02 and Unit 05 from the movies.

thanks to William Tan! Go visit his blog!

Yes, two releases of Unit 05, one of which is a limited edition. Both have different accessories so if you want the whole set you’ve got to buy them all (like William Tan here.)

I’ve always thought Unit 05 looked the coolest. Must be the wings.

The older Kaiyodo releases are bigger and look more impressive than the Revoltechs, but are harder to find these days, more expensive, and admittedly less poseable. There were two sets with Unit 05 — a vanilla one with wings (above), and a gory (true to the movie) set with a half-chewed Unit 02 and other goodies.

Still, the new Revoltech figures look good (Unit 05 pics)

Another figure appearing on store shelves soon is the evil alter ego of Saber, from the series Fate stay/night. Again, much better-looking than her heroic sibling (in blue and silver, below).

Saber Alter Saber