Guy Maddin and “Brand Upon the Brain!”

This GreenCine post has links to a few recent interviews with Guy Maddin, one of my favorite filmmakers, as he takes his new work Brand Upon The Brain! on tour across America.

According to The New York Times:

“Brand Upon the Brain!” is his most nakedly personal film, chronicling a flurry of traumas that befall a youngster named Guy Maddin. Conceived as a live spectacle without a pre-recorded soundtrack, it is also the closest he has come to a pure silent feature, not that purity is a pertinent concept in the case of the magpielike Mr. Maddin and his dense, crossbred melodramas.

With “Brand Upon the Brain!” he tries to reinvent the silent movie as theatrical event. The film had its premiere in September at the Toronto International Film Festival with an orchestra, a singer (billed as a castrato), an interlocutor (a tradition derived from the Japanese art of benshi) and sound effects by Foley artists in lab coats.

Any chance of an Asia tour and a stopover in Singapore? Minuscule, the odds. Sigh.


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