Review: A Fighting Chance

A Fighting Chance
A Fighting Chance by Elizabeth Warren
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In lieu of a review, I’d like to share 2 quotes that I especially liked —

“Sure, government fails sometimes. (By the way, corporations fail sometimes, too.) But I don’t believe the response to government failure — such as the inept response to Hurricane Katrina or the slew of failures that led to the financial crisis — should be a snarky “I told you so” or a heavy sigh of resignation. No: the response should be *outrage*. The government — *our* government — should be held to a higher standard.” (p.186)

“How do we build a future? I made the case for what I believe: We are stronger and wealthier because of the things we build together. We are more secure when we create a foundation that allows each of us to have a decent chance to build something on our own. We are better off when we invest in one another. It’s economics and values, tied tightly together.” (p.216)

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