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You can also find me on Fountain Pen Network. My user ID is Readymade.

I maintain a FAQ that you may find helpful, especially if you’re in Singapore.

There’s also a mailing list for Singapore fountain pen enthusiasts on Yahoo! Groups.

We’re also on Facebook – Fountain Pens in Singapore

There’s a monthly pen meetup – pls join the mailing list and/or the FB group for info on the next one!


23 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. hi, i found your page from a google search and you seem to know much about pens in singapore, so i thought i’d ask a question, although i’d understand if you don’t answer. do you know where i’d be able to get a fountain pen with an italic nib in singapore? i’ve left my email address down for your convenience.

  2. Hi Leon!

    Hope you’re well. I wasn’t sure if your email address had changed or not (am appending my new one). I’m passing through Singapore in November and it would be great to see you if you’re not too busy?

    1. You can find el cheapo ones at Art Friend but those are awful.

      Look for the Calligraphy set from Sheaffer (ask at Sheaffer pen counters — there’s one at BHG Bugis Junction and one in Takashimaya 3F).

      If your budget is higher, check out the Lamy Joy (sold with 1 of 3 widths — 1.1, 1.5 and 1.9 — but there’s a set with all 3). Lamy pens are everywhere these days, but Mustafa has the best prices. For the Joy set, try Lin Kong or Prestige Time.

  3. Hello there!

    Lucky to stumble upon your site. I’m actually doing a project on fountain pens in school. I study in Temasek Polytechnic school of business. And we happen to need some local opinions on fountain pens. If we could ask just abit of your time, maybe you could email me and i’ll just send a few simple questions? Would REALLY REALLY appreciate it =)

  4. Hi , was just wondering whether you are aware any Dupont repair guys around?? Since much shop tends to sell both pen and lighter.

    Thanks bro.

    1. Sorry don’t know of any but you should take your pen to a pen shop like Aesthetic Bay or Fook Hing and ask if they might be able to help you send the pen for repairs, or at least give you the contact number for the Singapore agent here.

  5. Hi, stumbled upon your blog by chance while searching for an Ohto Tasche fp. Do you know where I might be able to get one in Singapore? Do I really have to get it through an online order overseas? The makers don’t seem to have a website of their own, strange. Left my email for your contact!

  6. Thanks so much for all info…was tiding up house few weeks ago and found old calligraphy set. For old time’s sake, start writing with it and re-discovered the joy of ink after years of keyboard typing. Am going to buy some calligraphy and fountain pens for daily use.

  7. hi, I am a fountain pen lover. I bought a 63 years old ( made in 1949) mont blonc fountain pen about 15 years ago and never used it. I treasured it so much and would like to use it again. Can anyone advise me where I can send to repair pump and the nip? Thanks?Lee

    1. Hi Lee! You probably need to send it overseas for repairs. Try emailing –

      Tom Westerich – twesterich@penboard.de


      Max Schrage
      Homepage – http://www.maxpens.de/

      If you send it in to a Montblanc boutique, they will likely replace all of your parts with modern ones. I personally would not advise this because you would lose several unique characteristics e.g. springy nib. Old Montblanc nibs are really special and not as pleasant to write with as current ones!

      If you need more information –

      You can also join Fountain Pen Network. There’s a Montblanc Forum there –

      There’s a mailing list for Singaporean fountain pen enthusiasts. Feel free to join!

      No need Yahoo account – any email will do 🙂 If you like, I can send you an invite if you pass me your email address.

      We’re also on Facebook:

      Hope this helps.

      btw, what model is the pen? Do you have a photo to share? 🙂

  8. Hi Lee,

    Perhaps you could try this shop at Block 34 Upper Cross Street, named Pek Kay Lee. If you are keen in more collections, I know they hold a good range of Mont Blanc Vintage and others too. A shop worth visiting. Best to call first.

  9. Hi! I’m just wondering if you have any other places to recommend for the Lamy Joy calligraphy set. I’m a beginner and currently looking for a user-friendly pen, and the Lamy Joy was advised by a calligrapher. I saw your reply stating Lin Kong and Prestige Time but it was still from 2010. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  10. Hi, i am looking to buy a parker pen(not fountain) as a graduation gifts for my friend. My budget will is 75 (including the engraving fee). Please advise what kind of pen i could get. I happen to use a blue chrome parker pen that was given to me by my boss. It works great but the disadvantage about it is it’s too heavy.

  11. Hi, I just moved to Singapore and have 3 vintage fountain pens from my father that I’d like to get refilled. Two are Parkers (one a Parker 51); I’m not sure about the third. We’re living out in Joo Chiat but I work in the CBD. Can you recommend a good place to take them in for refills/refurbishment? Thank you!

  12. Hi, you may like to drop by at this place named Pek Kay Lee. They are located at Upper Cross St. Block 34, unit 02-132. They are also within the CBD area. I always call before I go as sometimes they are closed. Tel: 6533 1110.

  13. Hi,
    I need some advice. Recently I have test a fountain pen. I find it quite interesting. However I only use it for normal schooling use and maybe work wise. I wonder do I really have the need to use fountain pen? The fountain pen I tested is from Lamy.
    If Lamy is a good fountain pen, where can i buy it in Singapore?
    Thank you

  14. Hi there,
    my name is david I’m french and I will be in Singapore in March with my partner Christophe Larquemin to find some Namiki and especially some vintage one, I’ ve seen some very beautifull shops for modern namiki nothing for vintage, could you please inform us about collectors that would sell some of their pieces ?
    My email adress is cobalty@wanadoo.fr
    thanks for your reply,

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