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Aren’t games realities too?

Creating a shared experience of a possible future, by using new media tools with mass participation – videos, phone calls and audio, images, and blogs and other writing – in an alternate reality game.

Each contribution helps the game arrive at a larger truth. No team of experts knows better than a given individual what effect an oil shock would have upon that individual’s life, or what action he or she will take to cope. Personal reactions to our simulated oil shock, placed in context with many other points of view, will help us all realize what’s at stake in our oil-fired culture.

Take a look at World Without Oil :: Document Your Life In The New Reality

(From Boing Boing, which also attributes World Without Oil to the astounding
Jane McGonigal.

I still get excited when I recall I Love Bees, where McGonigal was lead designer. What really appeals to me are the interactive, collaborative storytelling, and how the distinctions between fact & fiction, virtual & real dissolve as the participants/characters perform actions.)


Sandbox#1 – Readings from TheatreWorks’ Writers’ Lab 2007

Fortunately, some of my stuff will be read this month at TheatreWorks. Drop in if you’re free!

Come Play with Us!
Sandbox#1 – Readings from TheatreWorks’ Writers’ Lab 2007

Sandbox#1 will showcase new and revised works (and works-in-progress) from TheatreWorks’ Writers’ Lab – read by a cast of young actors and seasoned actors Karen Tan, Nora Samosir and Serene Chen.

11 & 14 May 2007 (Friday & Monday), 8pm
12 May 2007 (Saturday), 4pm
Venue: 72-13 (72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 239007. The off-white two-storey building beside The Pier condominium)

Free admission. Call 6737 7213 or email tworks@singnet. to reserve a seat.

11 May 2007, Friday, 8pm

10 Phone Calls – written by Faralina Mohamed Ali, Cheryl Lee, Yak Aik Wee & Zaza Amir [curated and dramaturged by Robin Loon]

House is Not A Home – written by Cheryl Lee, Leon Lim, Yak Aik Wee & Zaza Amir [curated and dramaturged by Robin Loon]

Snap Shots – written by Alvin Lim, Faralina Mohamed Ali, Leon Lim & Zaza Amir [curated and dramaturged by Robin Loon]

To And Fro – written by Peggy Ferroa [dramaturged by Robin Loon]

Up And Down – written by Yak Aik Wee [dramaturged by Robin Loon]

12 May 2007, Saturday, 4pm

Someday, Samsara (a fragment) – written by Bryan Tan

New Breastissues – written by Ovidia Yu

Geisha – written by Robin Loon

14 May 2007, Monday, 8pm

Almost Heaven (excerpts) – written by Alvin Lim (dramaturged by Robin Loon)

Happy At Eccles (excerpts) – written by Yak Aik Wee (dramaturged by Robin Loon)

Shahjahanabad (excerpts) – written by Leon Lim (dramaturged by Robin Loon)

Happy Together – written by Chew Boon Leong