Esterbrook SM (“Deluxe”), black

estie-sm-deluxe-black I bought this one intending to resac it, and finally got to do so. My second repair job 🙂

Upon writing I discovered it’s a little thinner, a little shorter than I would like. I like the pen design though. Although released in the 1949 it seems to me to have a certain Art Deco look. Consider the logotype on the clip:


The metal cap is springy, which is a cute touch for a slip cap.

More on the Esterbrook Deluxe pens.

1st FP repair: Esterbrook J, Blue

The first pen I’ve repaired — just an ordinary blue Esterbrook J.

It was working fine when I bought it at the NY pen show this year, but while filling it I heard a loud snap from within the barrel. The section came off easily, and I found that the J-bar had snapped. So much for the pen having been “restored”. :p

Slid a new J bar in, coated the sac with talc, slid the section back on and it’s working again.

The end jewel is chipped. From what I’ve gathered online, it’s a pain to replace. Considering how common these pens are, it’s easier to simply replace the barrel. I’ve discovered I no longer like this pen very much though, so I’m just going to let it be.

One nice thing about this pen is that it still has its original, pliant Esterbrook sac:

So *that's* what an original Esterbrook sac looks like.
So *that's* what an original Esterbrook sac looks like.