A little mystery solved

I recently discovered that this German nib, with its somewhat cryptic logo and words, was made by DEGUSSA (“Deutsche Gold und Silber Scheideanstalt” or German Gold-and Silver-Extracting Co. ). DEGUSSA was a major nib manufacturer for German companies (active 1930s(?) to 1970 — see discussion on FPN)

“Edelstahl” is a corrosion-free steel with extremely low percentage of phosphorous and sulphur, while”Qualität” means quality.

Curiously, it was on a small Majestic pen.

Majestic was a 3rd tier US brand (see this FPN thread)

Clearly the Degussa was a replacement, and one wonders how that nib got there in the first place. Little oddities like that make pen collecting interesting 🙂