Back home

My modest purchases from Cannes and Nice. I got the Bethge inks after the first photo was taken.

Bethge inks appear to have been made by J Herbin. The #1 is like Vert Olive but it pops out more, while #5 is closer to Bleu Nuit but with more purple and grey tones.


3 thoughts on “Back home”

  1. Hi there. I’m squinting really hard at the first photo. What are the pens you got? 🙂 The frosted Bethge ink bottles look really nice. I can’t imagine the colour for #5! :p

  2. Dude, try the Monte Blanc ink. Its pricey but gosh it looks classy and writes well. 25 bucks a bottle though.

  3. @Ruby — One’s a nice 1999 UK Parker 45 with matching hoop filler (interestingly, had the date code on it too!) that I’ve since sold. The others are nice writers too and you’ll probably see them soon 😉

    @Wee — MB Racing Green was my fave for a while. It’s a great ink! I tried MB Violet but not hot about that colour. I bought my bottles before the price hike and bottle redesign. Prefer the older bottles btw.

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