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Phoenix Talons

凤爪。 Why the grandiose name? An early form of marketing? Cognitive dissonance at work? Then again I don’t like eating chicken feet. But I know many who do. This snappily edited short video’s for you:

(found on Yi-sheng’s blog)


Morinaga caramels

I’d never seen these before, but I really like the antiquated aesthetics: the box illustration, colours, type and the old Morinaga logo.

Morinaga caramels

Only $1.20 a box, so I got two: traditional milk caramels on the left, more modern green tea ones on the right.

UPDATED — as requested by Mayann:


PS: I like the matcha ones better. The milk ones are too sweet.

Huggable meat

Sweet Meats are handmade plush objects that look like various cuts of meat. They are made out of super cuddly polar fleece, cotton quilting thread and polyester fiberfill stuffing. All of the meats come in individual (toy) size and some also come in family (pillow) size.

Browse the whole range at Sweet Meats

Then check out The Food Section for a Q&A with the maker of these meaty plushies.

(thanks!  ;o)  )