Graniph to open in Singapore – 7/7/07

(UPDATE 9/7/07: t-shirts at graniph Singapore priced much closer to the ones in Japan. $35 for one, $60 for 2. )

Maybe their T-shirts won’t cost so much now, but my guess is that it’s a franchise-like arrangement. Sidewalk 10 sent the mailer out, and they’ve been bringing in Graniph tees for a while now at a significant mark-up.

Anyway, great to browse. #02-20 Bugis Junction, open 11am to 9.30pm.


8 thoughts on “Graniph to open in Singapore – 7/7/07”

  1. The shirts are on sale for $35 for 1 and $60 for 2 and $90 for 3. I just went there today. The shirts are really good. I’ve been waiting for them to come to SG after visiting the store in Japan.

  2. Yep, dropped in on Saturday. Store was packed of course. Liked that there were Japanese staff on hand to help but will they stay? Anyway, happier still to see their t-shirts priced much closer to the Japanese ones.

  3. Yeah gotta to agree with gahh threadless and graniph tees are cool but it kinda gets annoying when you see bengslianz wearing the shirts youve got haa

  4. Hi, recently I purchased a t-shirt for my son at Design Tshirts store graniph at Narita Airport Term 2, 14 June 2013. In a hurry cost of limited time, I didn’t know I picked a wrong size. Also he prefers the design on the plastic bag when I showed it to him on skpye in Singapore after I came back from Japan.
    Please help me as I found they have Toyko based speciality store in Singapore. I hope not to disappoint him as he has requested me to buy a t-shirt for him in Japan.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thanks for reading my mail.
    Mrs. Gwen Tan

    1. sorry! correction cos not cost. I need to change the size and design here in Singapore.
      Your store is in Bugis Junction but unable to find contact no so that I can speak to you on the phone. Please bear with me I’m not good in writing. Thanks for your understanding. Mrs.GwenTan

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