3 Parker pens

Last week 3 Parker pens arrived. From the front —

1) a pretty double jewel Golden Pearl Major with aluminium Speedline filler. Date code “1” indicates 1941 manufacture. The nib looks like a F or EF, but I’m hoping to switch it out.

2) The other Vac isn’t so visually appealing, with some brassing to the chrome furniture and what looks like a mismatched blind cap from another Silver Pearl. But the real attraction is under the cap 🙂

3) A green UK Duofold Maxima, sent all the way from Bulgaria (!). I’d bought it over eBay knowing it’d need some work to the nib (looked like the pen took a dive at some point) and filler. Now that it’s in my hands I see that the clip is bent outwards and the furniture is badly brassed. I like the large size of the pen though, and the nib looks like it could be a nice Broad when repaired. The filler seems like it’s working, and I hope it won’t cost too much to have the nib straightened.

Sheaffer Sentinel, made by Sailor Japan

An interesting pen for Sheaffer fans. Japanese pen giant Sailor made the Sentinel for Sheaffer in the 1980s.

The steel F-4 nib is a dead giveaway, and the sizing follows the Japanese. So while the nib has an “M” on it, it looks more like a Western F or XF.

When I first got it I didn’t notice the engraving on the cap: “AUPE BEST PERFORMANCE BR”.

What’s the AUPE? My guess is that it’s the Amalgamated Union of Public Employees. Ah, irony :p

Ladies with their tops off…

… showing their nibs 🙂

First, our pens with the caps on:

From the top:
1) Lady Sheaffer Flamme, 1970s
2) Lady Sheaffer (finish resembles hammered metal), 1970s
3) Lady Sheaffer Skripsert VI, Paisley, circa 1959
4) Lady Sheaffer Skripsert X, Tulle, circa 1959
5) Lady Sheaffer Skripsert IV, Paisley, circa 1959

And… what you’ve been waiting for:

From L to R:
1) Palladium Silver, Italic(!)
2) 14K nib, Med. (Indicates later production run?)
3) Monotone steel nib, Med
4) Duo-tone steel nib, Med
5) similar to #3, but a F/XF?

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