3 Parker pens

Last week 3 Parker pens arrived. From the front —

1) a pretty double jewel Golden Pearl Major with aluminium Speedline filler. Date code “1” indicates 1941 manufacture. The nib looks like a F or EF, but I’m hoping to switch it out.

2) The other Vac isn’t so visually appealing, with some brassing to the chrome furniture and what looks like a mismatched blind cap from another Silver Pearl. But the real attraction is under the cap 🙂

3) A green UK Duofold Maxima, sent all the way from Bulgaria (!). I’d bought it over eBay knowing it’d need some work to the nib (looked like the pen took a dive at some point) and filler. Now that it’s in my hands I see that the clip is bent outwards and the furniture is badly brassed. I like the large size of the pen though, and the nib looks like it could be a nice Broad when repaired. The filler seems like it’s working, and I hope it won’t cost too much to have the nib straightened.


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