Parker Vest Duofold, Pearl and Black, 1932

Parker Vest Duofold

Parker introduced these little Duofolds in 1930. The pen was meant to hang from a chain – note the little ring on top of the cap – and stored in a vest pocket – hence the tiny size.

The cap looks much less discolored than the barrel. It’s common to find discoloration in this “pearl and black” celluloid, used by Parker in other Duofold models as well. The discoloration was likely caused by exposure to gases released from the rubber sac inside as it aged.

Vest Duofold disassembled

Didn’t realise how cute this little pen was until I disassembled it for a resac. Took the opportunity to clean the inside of the barrel as well, picking off remnants of some long-gone sac and swabbing out old ink with Q-tips. I installed a silicone sac. Decades too late, but at least the sac won’t worsen the discoloration.


This pen dates from late 1932, when the three-ring cap band was introduced in vest Duofolds. It was made in Canada and sports an unusual nib — an springy 18K broad stub! This pen couldn’t have held much ink but it’s fun to write with. Hope the new owner’s enjoying it!


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