Remington lever filler, modified

Sometimes you see third-tier pens with intriguing plastics, like this Remington. Diamonds of metallic foil under a layer of clear plastic, slightly iridescent against a black background. Someone commented to me that it looked like urushi.

When I received the pen I discovered that nib, feed and section all had problems. The feed had a large crack, the tips of the nib tines were awry, and the section had distended.

I’d like to say that I fixed all of these, but I thought it would be more interesting and worthwhile to modify an Esterbrook section to fit the barrel 🙂

So there you are – an attractive Remington that can take any Esterbrook Renew-Point nib.

Length (capped): 13 cm
Length (uncapped): 11.6 cm (with a 9314-M nib)
Girth: 1.25 cm


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