Cheap Pen Showdown! Daiso pen vs. Platinum Riviere

You can find 2 brands of fountain pens at Daiso stores in Singapore — the Platinum Riviere and Daiso’s own house-brand pen. Both cost S$2, have tipped (Western) Medium steel nibs that write relatively well out of the pack and use their own proprietary cartridges.

I think the Daiso pen is better value than the Riviere. It has a larger nib, a molded grip that resembles that on a 1980’s Pelikano, and the barrel has a wider girth. This pen feels more substantial. In addition, the Daiso pen doesn’t dry out while capped but the Riviere does.

The barrel of the Daiso pen has a rubber-like finish, which may not be to everyone’s liking. I’ve no problems with it. Still think it’s great value, and I bought a couple anyway just to practice nib stubbing.


2 thoughts on “Cheap Pen Showdown! Daiso pen vs. Platinum Riviere”

  1. Bought several of the Riviere pens- the orange part of the cap (or black/blue, depending on the original colour) keeps falling off and I have to tape it down. That’s my main problem with it. The ink is smooth although the nib’s a bit scratchy, but hey it’s $2.

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