Esterbrook 116 Desk Set, Green

From the photos I thought this would be a lighter colour, closer to my first desk set (the Esterbrook 2140 Lime set I blogged about previously).

The Better Half calls the colour “jade”. To me it looks like a dark matcha.

The pen barrel has darkened (I assume it was once the same colour as the base). Other than that the set’s in excellent condition.

The felt bottom still has its printing:

After resaccing the pen, I switched the 9668 nib the set came with for another 9668 I had. The set’s 9668 nib is a bit scratchy and drier. Similar design — you have to look closely to find the differences — but completely different writing experiences.

Currently inked with Noodler’s FPN Tulipe Noire. The ink and the colour are a pleasant combination 🙂


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