A Parker 21 Super(Hero)

The reason why this Parker 21 Super’s disassembled is because I was trying to find out why it wasn’t drawing ink. Air wasn’t leaking from anywhere above the connector so I guessed the problem lay with the sac. So I heated the sac guard, pulled it off using section pliers (which, I later read, Marshall and Oldfield advise against), and discovered the problem — a slit in the pli-glass sac.

I was about to reach for a silicone sac when I recalled I had a brand-new Hero 336 lying around. Wasn’t that pen based on the “51”? Couldn’t its sac fit the 21 Super…? Only one way to find out —

The fit turned out to be just right πŸ˜€ (And an added benefit: the Hero cost less than a silicone sac.)

A little clear nail polish and some cursing (while trying to line the hood up with the nib) later, the pen fills with ink properly once more. The sac is a little shorter than before, but it still holds a good amount of ink –

So the Parker 21 Super writes again… thanks to a Hero-ic sacrifice! πŸ˜€


11 thoughts on “A Parker 21 Super(Hero)”

  1. Very nice. I have a 21 Super that I got off ebay and it was in perfect working order. But now I know one way to go about replacing the sac if it ever springs a leak. It’s not a 51 but there’s something about this pen. Besides, a Parker 51 in Rage Red costs much, much more than a red 21. LOL

  2. Don’t throw the Hero away after slicing off its sac. Give it another lease of life by fitting an “opened” pilot/namiki cartridge over the stump!

    My Hero too gave its life to my grandfather’s sheaffers and has been ressurrected.

      1. Use a syringe. See youtube. Or u can even use an eye dropper to carefully pour ink into the cartridge as the mouth of the cartridge is quite large.

    1. Hi Phill. The section unscrews to reveal the collector and nib. You can just pull the nib and feed out with your fingers. The construction of the 21 Super is the same as that of the Parker “51”, and a quick Google search will get you lots more info on how to disassemble that pen. Hope that helps. Good luck! πŸ™‚

  3. Hi
    It’s a lovely site
    i learn very much here, thanks
    Can you help me?
    i have a Parker 21 that needs a new sac
    but it sac is necked
    if i use a straight sac ink flows up
    then can you tell me which model of Hero pen has necked sac?

    thanks so much

      1. Hi
        Thanks your kindness
        I’ll try at forum like you said,
        about necked sacs for 21’s are you sure?
        because mine when i disassembled sac was cut and had some melted plastic into conector
        then i thought it was from sac
        and i’m searching web found this here
        pendemonium sacs chart said that all 21 has necked sacs
        i’ll keep searching

        regards from Brazil

      2. Well it comes down to what you’re comfortable with . Pendemonium got their list from the Pen Sac Company, which is apparently based on repair manuals. But Binder suggests that smaller sizes are more practical (http://www.richardspens.com/?page=ref/repair/sacs.htm).

        In any case you might want to consider re-saccing with a PVC or silicone sac, rather than a rubber one. Then you won’t have to worry about the rubber sac turning into goo. David Nishimura sells reproduction 51 sacs (they’re not necked btw). Or you could be cheapo like me and cannibalise a Hero pen. Good luck!

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