Wahl Oxford, red-brown & gold

This Wahl Oxford offered no trouble at all: a straightforward resac with a size 18 silicone sac. Cosmetically very good, no cracks, with some of the original gold wash still on the clip.

Although it has the shape of an early Wahl Oxford, it has some characteristics I used to associate with later Wahl Oxfords:

1) a #2 nib, marked “WAHL OXFORD 2 MADE IN USA”, with “WAHL OXFORD” in the same script as that used on the clip.

2) The “MADE IN USA BY THE MAKERS OF EVERSHARP” imprint is across the barrel, not along its length, so that it reads right-side up when the nib is pointed down (meant to be read while you’re writing?).

The #2 nib is smaller than the earlier unmarked “Warranted” #3 nib (see earlier post here), but is smoother and has a pleasant, slight spring. Gives a wet Medium line with no variation. In all, I like these pens a lot šŸ™‚

There’s a brief survey of what’s known online about these pens, over at Peaceable Writer.

Here it is pictured with my first Wahl Oxford –


One thought on “Wahl Oxford, red-brown & gold”

  1. And so you are “Readymade” on FPN. šŸ™‚

    Glad to meet another WO fan. The nibs on these are sweet, I think. Hard to say, though, if your #2 WO nib is original or one that got installed down the road. So much info is lost or unknown!

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