Nakaya shiro-tamenuri sukashi – “Kyubi no Kitsune” (“Nine-tailed Fox”)”

Had the good fortune to have this pen in my hands today. The photo on left is 1 of 4 on the Nakaya website – didn’t have a camera on me.

The pen is much more beautiful in real life. The illustration of the nine-tailed fox (九尾の狐 = Kyubi no Kitsune = nine-tailed fox) glows softly against the lacquer, and parts ebb or flare as you turn the pen.

The kanshitsu finish on the section is softer, and the contrast with the rest of the pen is less jarring and more of a pleasant surprise. That little swirl — the symbol of the nine-tailed fox — is a marvellous companion to the sinuous illustration below.

The barrel thread is a single one, so cap and barrel always match up to form the fox.


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