Esterbrook Dollar, green

Sometimes it’s nice to just come home and repair an Esterbrook. The lever-filling mechanism is simple, the plastic relatively sturdy (not likely to crack), and pens are plentiful (so you can easily find parts if you crack one anyway 😀 ). These make Esterbrook pens a good choice for those starting to learn pen repairs.

This green Dollar was straightforward. Push in a new J-bar, re-sac and I’m nearly done.

The nib in the section is a placeholder — there to help me get a better hold on the section and more importantly prevent me from crushing it with section pliers.

After reassembling the pen I screwed in a 3968 “sunburst” nib. Here’s a closeup with the 3668 in a black Dollar Esterbrook. (Wonder why there’re fewer curves on the 3668?)

3xxx nibs were made between 1938 and 1940. They’re more desirable and a little harder to find than the 1xxx, 2xxx and 9xxx Renew-Points (the most difficult are the 8xxx nibs).

Richard Binder has a profile of the Esterbrook Dollar pens and nibs.


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