New project – Wearever flattop

Wearever before repair
Wearever before repair

My latest project pen is a Wearever flattop pen that clearly takes design cues from the classic Parker Duofold “Big Red” 🙂

Wearever was a third-tier pen maker turning out masses of low-priced but serviceable pens. It’s interesting to see how they cut costs. Here, the threads on the barrel are few and shallow. The clip is folded from shape cut out of a metal sheet.

Spoon nib
Spoon nib

In lieu of welded tipping material, the tips of the tines have been stamped into a bowl to provide a curved surface area in contact with the paper – a “spoon nib” according to Richard Binder. The 14K gold plating, a sop to public tastes, was likely very thin. Most of it has worn off over the years to expose the underlying metal which looks like copper.

The pen is missing a J-bar and sac, but considering it probably dates from the late 1920s, it’s relatively clean with – best of all – no cracks. The repair job looks straightforward. Hope nothing untoward happens.


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