Sheaffer Craftsman lever-filler: 1947-1949

#33 nib, “350” under the imprint: yep, it’s a Sheaffer Craftsman. Lever-filler so made sometime between 1947-1949.

Barrel and cap and scratched and nicked, but someone polished them and the damage doesn’t look that bad. Legible imprint. Clear visulated section. The plated furniture gleams against the deep Persian blue. Still looks good!

The #33 nib’s a Medium, but unfortunately all the tipping seems to be gone. Writing with it is like writing with a nail. Generous ink flow though.

The seller’s offered to replace the nib with another #33 with tipping, when I drop by his table at the NY/NJ pen show 🙂


Me and the Other Half like the shape and colours of these Sheaffers, though the size is a bit small. The pen is pleasant to touch with its very slight rubber-like texture. And the heart-shaped breather hole makes the nib look even cuter ^_^

The Other Half has two already — one Pastel Grey Tip-Dip Craftsman (I think that’s the right model) and a Pastel Green Admiral lever-filler with Feather Touch nib.


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