Sheaffer NoNonsense

Black NoNonsense
Black NoNonsense

This Sheaffer NoNonsense pen isn’t exceptional in any way, other than that it has an old-style nib section (screw cap, no rubberised grip). I wouldn’t have gotten it if not for the bargain price.

With its Italic Fine nib, this pen was probably part of a calligraphy set. Considering that it came with a dried out Skrip Emerald Green cartridge, my guess is that the pen was used till the ink ran out, then forgotten (with the rest of the set misplaced or lost) and eventually sold to a karang guni man.

After soaking the nib section and getting almost all the dried green ink out, I realised that rust had begun developing on the nib along the slit and around the base of the nib. The “nipple”, where the converter or cartridge is inserted, has a bit of rust too. Expected, I suppose, due to the neglect and the cheap materials used.

Filled a Sheaffer converter I had at home from an earlier Sheaffer purchase (an Award that came with an odd clip but that’s for another post) with some Sailor Jentle Black, and pushed that into the nib section.

Luckily, the nib works as expected, and the pen lays a pleasant, wet line 🙂

I’m leery of putting the nib with its rust into my ink bottle though, so if I keep this pen I’m thinking of turning it into an eyedropper.

The pen is still in production, but is sold these days exclusively in calligraphy sets. The new style sections aren’t as romantic though, and detract from the design homage to Sheaffer’s classic flat-top pens.

In the nearly 4 decades its been in production, the NoNonsense has seen several variations — countless if you consider all the ones used as corporate gifts. The Stainless, Vintage and Old Timer product lines are especially attractive.

There’s an extremely comprehensive article about these budget pens at


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