Parker 45, olive green

My first Parker 45 was an impulse buy. I appreciated its history, design elements and durability. But it was too light and felt like I was using a pencil. Besides I wasn’t really a fan of the colour: midnight blue.

But this vintage parker 45 caught my attention some time ago, with its striking combination of olive green (a more uncommon colour it seems), and stainless steel with gold highlights.

Olive Parker 45
Olive Parker 45

The plastic nib section had shrunk a little, producing a slight depression around the section where the feed is. The cap wouldn’t fit all the way but the price was right 🙂

It came with a faulty parker slide converter, which went in the trash. I plugged in an old Parker metal hoop filler from an earlier flea market find, and the pen felt much better in my hand with the added weight. I don’t even mind the Fine nib as much – it was relatively smooth. But it’s still bugging me – anyone got a Medium nib they’d like to part with?

Read more about the Parker 45’s history on Richard Binder’s site.


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