Missing scenes from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis restored after 80 years

Miracles do happen! 😀

The rediscovery, revealed by the newspaper Die Zeit, came to light after Paula Felix-Didier, curator of Buenos Aires’ Museo del Cine, acted on a tip-off from a former film club director that the full-length version had been gathering dust in the museum’s archive since the early 90s. Fearing that the discovery would not be taken seriously in Argentina, she flew with the footage to Germany this week to present the film to experts who have deemed it to be authentic.

Die Zeit has reconstructed the story of how the film found its way to Argentina. A copy of the longer version of the film was first sent to Buenos Aires in 1928 at the request of the Terra film distribution company. A film critic called Manuel Pena Rodriquez obtained the reels shortly afterwards, selling them in the 60s to Argentina’s National Art Fund. A copy of them was passed onto the Museo del Cine in 1992, but their value was not fully realised until now.

Read the rest: Missing scenes from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis turn up after 80 years | News | guardian.co.uk Film

Now if only an unaltered print of Jean Renoir’s “The Rules of the Game” would miraculously materialise…


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