Fountain pens for kids

A colleague asked me about fountain pens today, and as she has young children who have yet to learn handwriting, she was interested in fountain pens for kids. If you’re keen too:

Pelikano Jr

Pelikano Jr.

lamy abc

Lamy abc

red model / blue model

Faber-Castell Schulfüller

There’re other children’s pens too, but the Lamy abc and the Pelikano Jr are available in Singapore, while the Faber-Castell one just looks cute 🙂

The Pelikano Jr is much cheaper than the abc, but I like the look and feel of the abc. I’d have one too, if not for the fact that it’s too small for me (but just right for the Other Half 🙂 )

All pens come with ink cartridges, so you don’t have to fill from ink bottles.


2 thoughts on “Fountain pens for kids”

    1. Hi Al! For Pelikan Jr, try ArtFriend at Ngee Ann City 4th floor. Alternatively can give Pelikan Singapore a call or send an email:

      Pelikan Middle East (FZE)
      Street: O3, Building O
      Postal code: 120318
      City: SHARJAH
      Phone: (009716)-5574 571
      Fax: (009716)-5574 572


      Pelikan Singapore Pte Ltd
      Street: 18 Tannery Lane #01-03 Lian Tong Building
      Postal code: 347780
      City: Singapore
      Country: SINGAPORE
      Phone: (0065) – 62585231
      Fax: (0065) – 62584157

      For the Lamy ABC, look for any Lamy counter. There’s one in B1 Takashimaya, for example.

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