Randomness #681J

Things go from bad to worse in Tibet. Have been shuttling between The Peking Duck and the BBC for coverage.

Vantan visited a panel with interesting scenarios of what the future of social networking technology might be like.

This is the weirdest SXSW panel I’ve ever been to.

The setting is a funeral parlour or church, with a fake pastor (complete with black suit) gives a final sermon to a fictitious porn star whose 13” penis has been copyrighted by Disney, thus he could not show it in public for the last 20 years of his life.

Which sounds like Warren Ellis scripted it.

I’ve had to create “scenarios” about the future before and I wish I could’ve come up with something that outrageous yet plausible. Too much social conditioning in the workplace I tell ya…

Read the post on Vantan’s blog.

The Savages

Didn’t know Chris Ware designed the poster for The Savages.

I’m not sure if funny and sad are really so terribly different things; I’ve been to violent films that I find patronizing, dishonest and depressing, yet the people around me are all laughing their heads off. As a half-writer myself, I try not to think of what’s funny and sad in a story but simply to think of what, to the best of my ability, seems truest; whether it’s funny or sad is simply how it settles with the reader. In the wake of any horrible natural disaster some well-known religious figure is inevitably asked, “How can a good God allow something as bad as this to happen?” Really, though, what difference does it make to God whether 10,000 people or 10,000 fish die? Good and bad, like funny and sad, are phenomena relative to the perspective of the organism that’s laughing or dying.

Read the whole interview

I’m still in the throes of having seen the Evangelion movie – Evangelion 1.0 – You Are (Not) Alone, and am still impressed by There Will Be Blood. Am trying to wrestle my thoughts down so I can write something coherent. Eva first.


2 thoughts on “Randomness #681J”

  1. Thanks for the linkage. It was truly the weirdest panel I’ve ever been to. I suspect the Futurist panelists knew it would be the last panel so they wanted to make it unusual.

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