“Austerlitz” and Eric Gill

I managed to get a copy of W.G. Sebald’s last novel Austerlitz via BookMooch

(I suspect this will be one of the last I mooch. Many books I want aren’t available through the site. And of the ones that are, their owners often aren’t willing to ship them outside their countries. (Bookmooch members have set up a Bookmooch Angel Network to try and get around this, which is nice of them but still a clunky solution.) Simply, I’m unwilling to spend money on expensive postage to get points I can’t use.

Besides, there is no lack of good books in this country.)

Anyway, this paperback printing of Austerlitz is set in Perpetua and, more surprisingly, seems to follow Eric Gill’s rules for page layout.


One thought on ““Austerlitz” and Eric Gill”

  1. Interesting, just read the Wiki article on Eric Gill. What are his rules for page layout? Why do you say that Austerlitz follows them and what is the significance of that?

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