“Leila Majnum” – earliest film to be made in S’pore?

I don’t understand why this article needed a near-gloating tone though:

Though Indian filmmakers have repeatedly been criticised for lifting storylines straight from Hollywood, India has nonetheless inspired Singapore’s film industry. One of the earliest films made in the island nation was ‘Leila Majnum’ – a remake of an Indian film!

‘It is really extraordinary that Singapore’s earliest film was a remake of an Indian film,’ Bee Thiam Tan, executive director of Singapore’s Asian Film Archive, said Tuesday at the ongoing 9th Osian’s-Cinefan film festival here.

Everyone knows that the film industry in India has had a longer history than Singapore’s, right? Besides, remakes are nothing shameful. All this is moot anyway: the film’s lost.

What I’d like to know is: what else did Tan Bee Thiam say?

btw, the Indian independent filmmaker Tan is referring to is probably Rajendra Gour. A small retrospective of his work will be screened at the National Museum on 25th August 2007, as part of Short Cuts this month.


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