Ingmar Bergman R.I.P.

The end of an era. From the Guardian film blog:

Was Bergman in touch with the European mind of his generation? Perhaps he simply was the mind of his generation. Of the great post-war directors, he was the one who shouldered the burden of moral questions: is there a God? Is there a God who is exists, but is absent? Should we behave as if God exists, if we suspect he doesn’t? If he is merely absent for some unknowable millennial span, then how should we interpret this indifference, or this rebuke? And why, finally, does anything exist at all?


One thought on “Ingmar Bergman R.I.P.”

  1. Enjoyed this post very much. Those are the tough questions, and Bergman made a career of presenting them. I have been watching his work much this year, and have been influenced much by him, as have we all, even if most don’t recognize it.



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