Sympathy for Shin?

Imagine an attractive and talented young woman who said she had an art history doctorate from Oxford. Vivacious and persuasive, she becomes the director of the Tate Gallery. Then, just after being hired to curate the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition, she is exposed as a fake who failed to get a single A-level.This scenario, reminiscent of a Patrica Highsmith novel with its hint of The Talented Mr Ripley, is precisely the scandal now rocking the Korean art world after one of its rising stars, Shin Jeong-ah, was unveiled as a fraud.

(Source: The Independent. Yonhap’s version casts her actions as an attack against Korean academic elitism)

Forget the novel — this story is begging to be turned into a slick, high-budget Korean movie. Just needs an additional romance element as an excuse for Rain / Bae Yong Jun / some other hot Korean male actor. I bet Korean producers are already negotiating the rights…

Seriously: Shin reminded me of the Geum-ja character from Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. Geum-ja relies on her powerful obsession with revenge and to create and maintain her kindly facade. I don’t know the facts of course, but Shin after the department store tragedy might have developed similarly powerful obsessions that made her new identity so convincing.

Say, what’s Park Chan Wook doing these days?


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