“Blurb” at The Substation, 14/4/07

UPDATE 13/4/07: The schedule’s been changed. Apparently the NC-16 stuff is going to be screened first:

The short film I submitted to SIFF didn’t get shortlisted for a prize, but it’ll be screened at The Substation with all the other Singaporean shorts on 14th April 2007, at The Substation Theatre.

According to the schedule, my short film Blurb is listed as the 5th 7th short for the day, so it should be screened about 40 80 min after the event starts, or around 3.40pm around 4.20pm if the screenings begin on time.

It’s about a master writer in self-imposed exile who, after a friend tracks him down, reluctantly agrees to use his writing skills one last time to save a dying organisation. While he grapples with his troubled past, another challenges him to a (pen) duel.

Rated PG btw, so it’s kid-friendly. Drop in if you’re free!


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