Bookspotting: The Namesake

I haven’t read Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake yet, so I don’t know if the constant references to Gogol are just her trying to be clever or whether the Russian author was a deliberate choice. In any case, three (if I counted correctly) editions of his work appear throughout the film.

1. On the train at the beginning. (Was this an India-only edition?)

2. Ashoke’s reading a Penguin Classics edition of a Gogol work while sitting on his bed, but most of the book was out of the frame. Only the top of the front cover — a bar of the distinctive yellow border and a sliver of the black title box — was visible. Was it The Overcoat? (If you managed to identify it, leave a comment please.)

3. The one that Ashoke gives to his son. (I’ve only been able to find this one so far.)

Oh, and a Stendhal acts as an illicit intermediary as well, but I’m not familiar with French editions. Would someone like to enlighten?


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