Erik Spiekermann

If you’re a regular reader of The Economist, this should look familiar:

Erik Spiekermann on the development of ITC Officina Display:

When we (Ben Tappenden and myself at MetaLondon) redesigned The Economist magazine in London in 2000/2001 (the new magazine was launched in May 2001,) we picked ITC Officina Sans as the “information” face. All text is set in the Economist’s own typeface, which Ole Schäfer and myself redesigned for the relaunch. But all the graphs, tables, sidebars and captions are set in ITC Officina Sans for contrast and clarity.

Read on: Spiekerblog 2.0 (scroll down to the second Jan 22 entry)

Speaking of The Economist:

Whilst retaining the quirkiness of the original Economist typeface, Spiekermann redesigned it slightly, adding more whitespace to the individual characters. He then set the type slightly smaller and with more leading. All these changes added micro whitespace to the design. The overall result was subtle: the content was more legible and the overall feeling of the newspaper was lighter, yet the amount of content remained the same.

From A List Apart: Whitespace. Which also links to Spiekermann’s redesign. Sexy!

Spiekermann on Wikipedia


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