Itasha – anime-decorated cars


Itasha are cars decorated with decals and paint jobs depicting anime, game and manga characters. The word itasha, which literally means “painful car,” is derived from the kanji for itai (”painful”) and sha (”car”). The word also appears to be a reference to the Italian sportscar, also known as itasha (although the ita for Italian is spelled with katakana instead of kanji), a conventional sort of chick magnet driven by a different sort of guy.

(via Pink Tentacle – which has more links to itasha pictures)

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7 Responses to Itasha – anime-decorated cars

  1. krystal tate says:


  2. J says:

    Where can you get these paint jobs at?

  3. Kc says:

    Dude that is so freaking sweeet!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Cruz says:

    aww kool itz Haruhi.!.

  5. Lou says:

    hey, where can i get the paint job pls.
    i live in the uk!

  6. patricio lara says:

    i want buy stickers for my car tell me were

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